Meet our Chef: Rosemary Holmes, Breakwater Bar & Grill

Chef Rosemary Holmes, Breakwater Bar & Grill

Menu: Fritesplus, Warm Shoestring Fries with Island Ground Chuck, Local Veg/Cheese in Espanol Sauce

This year we would like to welcome Chef Rosemary Holmes from Breakwater Bar & Grill (Silver Fox) on to our Beef n’ Blues team.

Chef Rosemary knew at the age of six that she wanted to become a chef. She baked her first batch of homemade bread with her mother, and she was hooked.

When it comes to Island Beef Rosemary says the difference is that it is local, has great flavour and great marbling.

Rosemary says that her Beef n’ Blues menu comes from a traditional island recipe with a flair. The meal will be ground chuck, onions; mushroom, fresh beef gravy on thin frites covered with island smoked Gouda.

We have to say we are excited to try it at this year’s Beef n’ Blues! Welcome Chef Rosemary and the Breakwater Bar & Grill!