Meet our Chefs: Emily McKeown, Fivelevenwest

Chef Emily McKeown, fiveelevenwest

Menu: Craft Beer Hanger Steak with Fries and Aioli (True Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

We’re happy announce that Chef Emily McKeown will be joining us again this year for Beef n’ Blues. Chef Emily is the co-owner and head chef at fiveelevenwest in Summerside.

Emily’s always enjoyed cooked. She began at a very young age when she cooked with her mom. When it was time for post-secondary school, she chose to take history rather than culinary. After graduating, her parents encouraged her to go back to school and chase her passion. She did just that and has been a chef ever since.

Chef Emily likes to create hors d’oeuvres and “picking” plates for friends when not working, but prefers pizza when cooking herself.

“Island beef feels more hometown, smaller…it’s a feeling more than anything,” Chef Emily said when asked about Island beef. “The pride that farmers and Islanders take in their beef can be seen and felt.”

When choosing a menu for Beef n’ Blues Emily wanted to showcase what her restaurant fiveelevenwest is all about. Local and craft ingredients. She will be creating hanger steak cooked with craft beer to perfection with Island potatoes.

We are looking forward to seeing what Chef Emily will do with her menu this year! Welcome back to Beef n’ Blues!

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