Meet Our Chefs: Duncan Smith, Broadway 45

Chef Duncan Smith, Broadway 45

Menu: Red wine braised oxtail stew with horseradish mash and steamed greens (True Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

This year we would like to welcome Duncan Smith to our Beef n’ Blues family. Duncan is head chef at Broadway 45 in Kensington, PE.

When Duncan was asked why he became a chef he laughed and said, “I always cooked, my mom couldn’t cook so I had to!”

From there he went on to go to culinary school and became a chef.

Chef Duncan believes that PEI beef is special because it’s local, bred and born here on PEI. A local product is always the best choice.

For his Beef n’ Blues menu, Chef Duncan has chosen to cook with oxtail. “ It’s something I would like to eat,” said Chef Duncan

Other than the fact he enjoys the cut, Chef Duncan has also created a burger for Burger Love out of the same cut, so he wants to continue building that awareness.

After 20 years of being a Chef, Duncan is very happy at Broadway 45, and the building is beautiful!

We’re excited to taste his creation at this year’s Beef n’ Blues! Welcome!

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