Meet our Chefs: Maurice Crother and Chef Aaron Jackson, Ship to Shore

Chef Maurice Crother and Chef Aaron Jackson, Ship to Shore

Menu: Apple and Bourbon Brisket with Smoked Corn on the Cob

Ship to Shore has a chef duo for this year’s Beef n’ Blues. Head Chef Maurice Crother and Pit Master Aaron Jackson will both be taking part in their first Beef n’ Blues.

Maurice the head chef at Ship to Shore, and this is his and Aaron’s first year participating in Beef n’ Blues. Maurice went to college in Ohio, where he first fell in love with cooking. When he travelled to California, he found a passion for fresh fish, and local fare.

“In PEI, I love that you’re friends with the people who source your food, like the farmer and the fisherman,” said Chef Maurice. His plan is to bring this love for local food to Ship to Shore’s Beef n’ Blues menu.

Aaron Jackson is the pit master at Ship to Shore. He loves all things smoked and cooked “low and slow”. Before joining Ship to Shore, Chef Aaron had his own business travelling the Maritimes smoking food over an open fire. Today, he smokes food using a 500 gallon propane tank as a smoker, and uses it daily at the restaurant.

Their menu this year will feature Apple & Bourbon Brisket with Smoked Corn on the Cob. Using local ingredients and island beef, this menu shows a love for the Food Island.

We are excited to see what these two will do with their Beef n’ Blues menu! Welcome to the party!

Meet our Chef: Rosemary Holmes, Breakwater Bar & Grill

Chef Rosemary Holmes, Breakwater Bar & Grill

Menu: Fritesplus, Warm Shoestring Fries with Island Ground Chuck, Local Veg/Cheese in Espanol Sauce

This year we would like to welcome Chef Rosemary Holmes from Breakwater Bar & Grill (Silver Fox) on to our Beef n’ Blues team.

Chef Rosemary knew at the age of six that she wanted to become a chef. She baked her first batch of homemade bread with her mother, and she was hooked.

When it comes to Island Beef Rosemary says the difference is that it is local, has great flavour and great marbling.

Rosemary says that her Beef n’ Blues menu comes from a traditional island recipe with a flair. The meal will be ground chuck, onions; mushroom, fresh beef gravy on thin frites covered with island smoked Gouda.

We have to say we are excited to try it at this year’s Beef n’ Blues! Welcome Chef Rosemary and the Breakwater Bar & Grill!

Meet Our Chefs: Lori Rice, Anson's Bar & Grill

Chef Lori Rice, Anson’s Bar & Grill

Menu: So Cal tri tip steak tacos with spicy slaw & lime crema (True Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

Many might know the name, Chef Lori Rice from Anson’s Bar and Grill in Slemon Park is back joining us for another year of Beef n’ Blues.

Chef Lori has been cooking for a long time. “I kind of fell into it, I went to apply at a gas station, and they told me I was going to be the new cook!”

She’s self-taught and has spent the last 20-years at Anson’s. Interestingly enough, Chef Lori received a letter from former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, praising her on her chowder. This speaks volumes on her talent in the kitchen.

Lori knows that PEI is special, and says that’s what makes PEI beef special. In fact Lori says everything in PEI is special, and tastes better.

When asked about her Beef n’ Blues meal Chef Lorisays, “I’m creating doing beef tacos, with spicy slaw, putting my own twist on them.”

We are looking forward to trying the tacos at this year’s Beef n’ Blues.

Welcome back Lori!

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Meet Our Chefs: Duncan Smith, Broadway 45

Chef Duncan Smith, Broadway 45

Menu: Red wine braised oxtail stew with horseradish mash and steamed greens (True Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

This year we would like to welcome Duncan Smith to our Beef n’ Blues family. Duncan is head chef at Broadway 45 in Kensington, PE.

When Duncan was asked why he became a chef he laughed and said, “I always cooked, my mom couldn’t cook so I had to!”

From there he went on to go to culinary school and became a chef.

Chef Duncan believes that PEI beef is special because it’s local, bred and born here on PEI. A local product is always the best choice.

For his Beef n’ Blues menu, Chef Duncan has chosen to cook with oxtail. “ It’s something I would like to eat,” said Chef Duncan

Other than the fact he enjoys the cut, Chef Duncan has also created a burger for Burger Love out of the same cut, so he wants to continue building that awareness.

After 20 years of being a Chef, Duncan is very happy at Broadway 45, and the building is beautiful!

We’re excited to taste his creation at this year’s Beef n’ Blues! Welcome!

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Meet our Chefs: Emily McKeown, Fivelevenwest

Chef Emily McKeown, fiveelevenwest

Menu: Craft Beer Hanger Steak with Fries and Aioli (True Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

We’re happy announce that Chef Emily McKeown will be joining us again this year for Beef n’ Blues. Chef Emily is the co-owner and head chef at fiveelevenwest in Summerside.

Emily’s always enjoyed cooked. She began at a very young age when she cooked with her mom. When it was time for post-secondary school, she chose to take history rather than culinary. After graduating, her parents encouraged her to go back to school and chase her passion. She did just that and has been a chef ever since.

Chef Emily likes to create hors d’oeuvres and “picking” plates for friends when not working, but prefers pizza when cooking herself.

“Island beef feels more hometown, smaller…it’s a feeling more than anything,” Chef Emily said when asked about Island beef. “The pride that farmers and Islanders take in their beef can be seen and felt.”

When choosing a menu for Beef n’ Blues Emily wanted to showcase what her restaurant fiveelevenwest is all about. Local and craft ingredients. She will be creating hanger steak cooked with craft beer to perfection with Island potatoes.

We are looking forward to seeing what Chef Emily will do with her menu this year! Welcome back to Beef n’ Blues!

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Meet Our Chefs: Jordan Dennis, Sobey's West Royalty

Chef Jordan Dennis, Sobey's West Royalty

Menu: Braised Beef Tongue Sliders in a Stokdijk Jalapeno Mole, with Smoked Corn Relish, and COWS Extra Old Cheddar (True  Beef from Atlantic Beef Products)

We’re pleased to have Chef Jordan Dennis of Sobeys join us for this year’s Beef n’ Blues. Jordan is the in-store Chef at West Royalty Sobey’s in Charlottetown, PE.

When asked what inspired him to become a Chef, Jordan replied “being able to create something intimate and personal is what has drawn me to become a Chef.”

This year Chef Jordan will be creating his menu with beef tongue. “I want people to get out of their comfort zone and expose them to something new,” Jordan said. “People need to appreciate and value every part of the animal we choose to eat.”

“Unfortunately, we have developed disconnect between seeing cute farm animals on TV to a perfectly cooked steak on our plate,” Jordan stated. “Knowing that the beef we are using is coming from PEI brings a sense of pride and respect along with that. The Quality product is there and it’s our job to season it carefully, let it rest properly, and above all, don’t overcook it!”

Jordan studied at Holland College here in PEI, and graduated the culinary arts program in 2007. After moving to Alberta, he became lead Chef of his first kitchen in 2010. He has been cooking, and creating ever since!

We are so excited to see what Jordan will bring to this year’s Beef n’ Blues! Welcome!

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11 Moments to Share

11 Moments to Share

Winter is the season when the whole world seems slow down; homesteads become warm and inviting. This season is an opportunity to enjoy being cozy, creating a warm atmosphere at home, and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

Enjoy the warm glow of candlelight, friendly smiles of company, and good handmade food. Create space and time to do nothing but enjoy the little things with family and friends. Enjoy the importance of simplicity, take time to unwind and slow down the pace of life. There would be no time to notice the long dark winter nights in Summerside when you're sitting round a table with friends and family, discussing the big and small things in life.